Amazing Place Music Inc. 501(c)(3)

Tuesday, November 30th


Enhancing the Flathead Valley community by inviting and presenting musical artists from around the nation and the world to entertain, mentor, coach and encourage rural and small-town audiences and local performers
in the beauty of the Northern Rocky Mountains.

If you would like to help AMAZING PLACE MUSIC continue to thrive and grow, DONATE BELOW or contact Mike at or call (406) 871-0851.

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Made possible by the generosity of these ground-breaking pioneers!

The O'Briant Family 
Diane Smith
Tupelo Grille

PLATINUM LEVEL ($2500-$4999)
Carol & Richard Atkinson
Mogens & Cindy Bay

Cates Investments, LLC
Guillermo & Lindy Moreno

Cyndi & Greg Olson
Claudine & TC Origitano

Ann & Bill Payne
Alyssa Hetherington & Family
The Whitefish Community Foundation

GOLD LEVEL ($1000 - $2499) 
Snappy Sport Senter
Glacier Bank
The Bells
James & Janice Case 
The Firebrand Hotel

Francine & Marc Roston
The Bayne Family
Ruth Ann Wisener & Don Harvell
Robert & Soledad Hurst
Greg & Sandra Ferrian
JeanAnne Swope & Jim Mechem
The Burg Family Trust

SILVER LEVEL  ($100-$999)
Jan and Miles Gordon
Allen Secher & Ina Albert Secher
Nick & Karen Chickering
Jim Mount
Kari Pricher

Jeff Giles
Dan Sharkey
Bill & Mikki Lukens
McGough & Company
Joe & Luann Basirico
Elizabeth White & Felicia Spencer
Greg James & Earl Gaspard
David & Jenny Kelley
Marchi Family Enterprises, LLC
Marshall & Kathy Friedman

Bet & Doug Wise
Anne & Tom Britz
Spinning Cogs, Inc.
Brenda Ahearn Photography
Rachel Weil

Erika Morck
Neil & Judy Lovering
Scott Miller

Jeannine & David Trousdale
AGL Foundation
Gail Goodwin

Sylvia Hutton
Cornelia Johnson
Jeff Krein & Gayle Parkhill-Krein
Bill Roberts
Jesse & Nancy Thompson
Lisa Moon-Mathis

Mike Reffle
Richard Miles

Valeri & Allan McGarvey
Michael, Janis & Grace Fromknecht


David & Ruth Ackroyd
Alicia Hayes-Blake
Lea Contreras
Dee Gerber
Michael Fromknecht
Alan & Elspeth Satterlee
Diane Conradi
Steve Bashore
Kathryn Kelly
Robert & Betsy Cox
Jenanne Solberg
Sara Ream
Joni Isaman
Mary Sneed
Melissa Brittingham Meuter
Debra Alons
Darryl Eldred

Michael Lanning
Sara Walsh
Michael Brumbaugh
Diedre Corson
Marlene Snyder
Suellen Keller
Haven Kimmel Holmes